Horseback Riding Vacations in Israel: Safety & security
(Since 2010)
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Safety & security


Safety is of utmost importance on all our horseback vacations.
With Sirin Riders, your safety is always a top priority. Our staff is comprised of trained professionals who are certified trail riding guides. We know the land and the trails, having chosen them for their suitability for these types of riding holidays. Also, before every trip, our guides make a run through to ensure the trails are safe. We use only quality, highly trained horses. We know each of our horses well and are able to expertly match horse and rider.

It can get very hot in Israel, especially in the summer and in the desert. We have strict rules regarding weather conditions, including never riding in temperatures over 90°F (32°C). In addition, there is always a first aid kit.

Horseback riding vacations contain dangers not found in bused tours. We know accidents can happen. Healthcare in Israel is among the best in the world. On any given horse tour, we have the ability to evacuate an injured person to a modern hospital within a time frame that does not go beyond 2 hours (depending on the location of the trail). We require all participants to purchase adequate insurance including health coverage and emergency transportation coverage. We also recommend that you wear a riding hat during the rides and can supply one if you like.


Despite what appears in the media, Israel is generally a safe and easy country to travel in. Approximately 3 million tourists visit Israel every year. In the last 12 years there was not even one case of violence against tourists. Both Jordan and Egypt are committed to peace, and the border with Syria and Lebanon is generally silent. Our riding area is more than 50km distant of from Gaza strip. It makes our riding area relatively stable and quite favorable to tourism. All of our equestrian vacations are conducted in secure areas of Israel with well trained guides.