Horseback Riding Vacations in Israel: Horse & tack
(Since 2010)

Horse & tack

Our Horses

We use only well trained horses accustomed to trail riding in our equestrian vacations

Our horses are a mixture of Quarter horses and local (Arabian) horses and trained in Western riding. They are well groomed, in great shape and perfectly suited for horseback vacations.

We match you with a horse and tack according to the information you provide when signing up for a riding holiday. For riders with greater riding proficiency, we can provide a more spirited horse; for less experienced riders, we pair horses that are easily handled. Also, upon request, pure Arabians from our breeding program, Sirin Arabians, can be provided.

Our Tack

Quality Western tack for comfort and ease

In general, we use Western tack made in the USA. In our experience with trail riding vacations, riders who are used to English tack quickly adapt to riding Western style. Nevertheless, we can arrange for English tack if given notice ahead of time. If you would prefer to use your own tack, this is possible only if it fits the horse we have assigned you. You are welcome to bring your own tack but we cannot guarantee you will be able to use it.