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Riding levels

Your equitation skills can make or break the trail riding vacation

The overall success of a horseback holiday depends on all riders having the skills to safely perform at the pace expected. Riders with insufficient skills are a danger to themselves and to others. As a result, it is crucial that you be experienced and fit enough to ride 30-40 km (18-25 miles) a day. On our part, we make every effort to clearly explain to people inquiring into our horseback riding vacation packages the riding difficulty of each tour.

Our standard horseback vacations are designed for riders with novice and above riding skills. During the trips we walk, trot and canter. Each itinerary is rated according to the riding level needed – from 5 for difficult trails requiring experienced riders, to 1 – trips that require no previous riding experience.
Please choose your vacation according to your riding level or call us and we will help you determine which trip is right for you.

We can design trips for non-riders, these are custom-made and different from our standard horseback riding tours. Please contact us if you would like to arrange or take part in a trip for non-riders.

On the first day of the trip, we give a brief riding lesson and conduct a qualification test. When in doubt about the level of your riding proficiency, please discuss the matter with us before signing up for a riding holiday. We reserve the right to exclude a rider who does not have the skills he/she declared.