Horseback Riding Vacations in Israel: The Land of the Galilee
(Since 2010)
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The Land of the Galilee

The Land of Galilee – The Landscape, People and History – 7 days


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Pine forests with cyclamen peeping from behind rocks. Rocky hills covered in purple and red anemones. Bubbling springs and rustling fields of cotton, corn and wheat. The pastoral lower Galilee is one of the most gorgeous areas of Israel.

Located in the north, the Galilee is the perfect horseback riding vacation destination. Whether you are interested in culture, archeology, history or natural beauty – the Galilee has it all. Sparsely populated and with rocky terrain, this area is best explored on horseback.

Few roads connect the communities populating the Galilee. This remoteness has allowed distinct cultures to continue on uninterrupted for generations. There are cities, past and present, of biblical importance calling to be explored. Druze and Circassian villages maintaining their unique ways of life. And many Arab towns who welcome visitors with their friendly smiles and culinary delights. All of this occurs against a backdrop of vivid natural scenery. This land rewards adventure tourists with unparalleled opportunities for challenges and discoveries.

Horseback riding in the land of Galilee
This is a mounted adventure packed with intensive riding through the beautiful landscapes of the Menashe plain, Carmel mountain range and the Jezreel Valley. We will ride up majestic Mt. Tabor and Mt. Carmel, explore the ruins of Tel Meggido – the site of Armageddon, and swim with our horses in the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. We will get to know the different ethnic groups inhabiting this area including the charming Druze and engaging Circassians. This trip also includes walking tours of Nazareth and the Old City of Jerusalem and their colorful markets.

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Year round excluding July and August


$2300 per rider ($1800 per non-rider), single supplement $270


2021-2022 Tours

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29/05/2021 04/06/2021 7d-6n Open
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28/05/2022 03/06/2022 7d-6n Open
17/09/2022 23/09/2022 7d-6n Open


Day 1 (Saturday)

Arrival in early evening at Moshav Sharona in the lower Galilee. After introductions and explanations followed by dinner, you will enjoy an enlightening lecture on the history of Israel. We will sleep in a cozy country lodge located on the Moshav.

Day 2 (Sunday)

Today, we will set off for our first day of trail riding in the Galilee’s beautiful natural landscape. After matching horses and tack with riders, we leave the stables in Shedmoat Devora to ride along the tributaries of the Tabor Stream, going past Kfar Keesh. We will eventually come to the Tabor Stream and visit Tel Rechesh where, according to some sources, part of King Solomon’s legendary stables were located. Afterwards, we will canter in almond orchards and fields, returning to Shedmoat Devora. Following a short break, we will drive to Mt. Tabor to visit the Church of Transfiguration. Afterwards, we will continue on to Nazareth for a walking tour of the holy sites and markets. You will enjoy the unique sights, aromas and tastes of this intriguing city. A delicious dinner will be served in an authentic Bedouin village. We will return to Sharona for the night. Length of tour – 18 km/ 11 miles

Day 3 (Monday)

Our day will begin with a ride in the remarkable Sirin Heights to enjoy the stunning natural scenery along its streams and around its springs. We will ride to the lookout point of Mitzpe Ayloat for a breathtaking view of the Jordan Valley. Riding in the direction of Jordan, we will pass through the Yaela Grove, the site where Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite, killed Sisera. We will then cross the fertile Jordan Valley heading towards the Jordan River. Upon reaching the Jordan River, we will cross with our horses (in the summer time we will swim in the river) and then ride to Kibbutz Degania. Kibbutz Degania was the world’s first kibbutz. There we will learn all about this unique way of life. We will sleep in a beautiful lodge in the Jordan Valley. Length of tour – 22 km/ 15 miles

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Today’s horseback riding adventure will begin in the pastoral Jordan Valley. We will again cross the Jordan River to climb up Yavniel Stream to return to the Galilee. We will drink from the “holy” waters of Yavniel spring and then ride past Ulem Spring towards Ein Hida (Hida Spring). From there we will enjoy the breathtaking scentary of the Galilee while we cantor to our riding center in Shadmot Devora. We will spend the night at the beautiful lodge on Kibbutz Dalia. Length of day – 25 km 13.5 miles

Day 5 (Wednesday)

In the morning we will ride through the rolling hills and groves of the Ramot Menashe National Park. On our way back, we will stop to explore a cave used for training in 1947 by the Palmach, the elite fighting unit of the underground Hagannah army. In the afternoon, we will drive to Tel Megiddo, the supposed site of Armageddon – the epic battle associated with the end of time. Once an important city on an ancient trade route, today only ruins remain as testimony to the peoples that inhabited this site for centuries. We will investigate the archeological ruins, learning about life in biblical Israel. We will spend the night at Kibbutz Dalia. Length of tour –15 km/ 9.5 miles

Day 6 (Thursday)

The majestic Carmel region is the location of this day full of adventure. A ride up Mt. Carmel will bring us to El-Muharrakah, the site where the Prophet Elijah supposedly slaughtered the prophets of Baal. The views are as amazing as the biblical stories. After touring the Carmelite Monastery located there, we will go down into the Jezreel Valley to the Kishone Stream and then back to HaZorea. We will sleep on Kibbutz Dalia. Length of tour – 25 km/ 15.5 miles

Day 7 (Friday)

This day is dedicated to Jerusalem. We will travel by car from Kibbutz Dalia to Jerusalem. We will drive to the Old City to follow the Via Dolorosa, the path that Jesus walked on his way to crucifixion. Along the way, we will visit the holy sites of the three monotheistic religions. Being Friday, we will experience the special atmosphere of the Holy City getting ready for the Sabbath. Jerusalem on Friday evening is the perfect time to end your Israeli experience. At around 5 o’clock, we will finish our program.

Additional information:

On the first day of the trip, participants have the option of being picked up at 4 pm from a hotel in Tel Aviv or at 4:45 pm from Ben Gurion International Airport. This service costs an additional $35 per person and it is necessary to notify us ahead of time where you would like to be picked up. It is also possible to arrive independently at Kfar Tavor by 7:00 pm. On the last day of the riding tour, we will drop participants off in Tel Aviv or at Ben Gurion International Airport at around 6 o’clock. We reserve the right to change the itinerary as necessary to accommodate weather conditions or additional unforeseen events.