Pine forests with cyclamen peeping from behind rocks. Rocky hills covered in purple and red anemones. Bubbling springs and rustling fields of cotton, corn and wheat. The pastoral lower Galilee is one of the most gorgeous areas of Israel.

Located in the north, the Galilee is the perfect horseback riding vacation destination. Whether you are interested in culture, archeology, history or natural beauty – the Galilee has it all. Sparsely populated and with rocky terrain, this area is best explored on horseback.

Few roads connect the communities populating the Galilee. This remoteness has allowed distinct cultures to continue on uninterrupted for generations. There are cities, past and present, of biblical importance calling to be explored. Druze and Circassian villages maintaining their unique ways of life. And many Arab towns who welcome visitors with their friendly smiles and culinary delights. All of this occurs against a backdrop of vivid natural scenery. This land rewards adventure tourists with unparalleled opportunities for challenges and discoveries.

Horseback riding in the land of Galilee
This is a mounted adventure packed with intensive riding through the beautiful landscapes of the Menashe plain, Carmel mountain range and the Jezreel Valley. We will ride up majestic Mt. Tabor and Mt. Carmel, explore the ruins of Tel Meggido – the site of Armageddon, and swim with our horses in the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. We will get to know the different ethnic groups inhabiting this area including the charming Druze and engaging Circassians. This trip also includes walking tours of Nazareth and the Old City of Jerusalem and their colorful markets.