Questions frequently asked about our horse riding holidays are listed below.

Q: Where does the name Sirin Riders come from?
A: Sirin Heights is a region located west of the Jordan Valley in Israel. As a child born in the Jordan Valley, Yair would look in the direction of the Sirin Heights, enchanted by the open space. He later built a home in Moshav Sharona which is located in the northern part of the Sirin Heights. He fell in love with the area’s beautiful scenery and spent his free time walking the land, getting to know every stone. He named his first purebred Arabian mare Noor Sirin which means “the light of Sirin.” In 2003, she won the Israeli Breeder Cup. After that, he named his breeding program Sirin Arabians.

See pictures of the Sirin heights.

Q: Who are your tour guides?
A: Every horse tour is led by at least one licensed riding instructor. All of our guides have extensive knowledge in horseback riding as well as in the history, geography and archeology of Israel. They also have a good command of English.

Q: What preparation do I need for your horseback vacation?
A: We recommend you take lessons at a local stable and try to do some trail riding. You need to be abele to ride 40 km (25 miles) a day.

Q: Can children participate in the trips/ do you have horseback riding family vacations?
A: Children over fourteen who have the necessary equitation skills and riding experience are welcome to join their parents.

Q: Can you accommodate a special diet?
A: Our tours are not kosher. However, no pork is served on any of our trips. We can accommodate vegetarians and other special dietary requests if given prior notice.

Q: Will there be any additional charges/ hidden costs?
A: There will be no additional charges or hidden costs in any of our horseback riding vacation packages. Our trips are all-inclusive and include horses, tack, guides, accommodations, all meals and beverages, and taxes. However, the cost of transfers to and from Ben Gurion International Airport is not included.

Q: How many people can you take on each trip and what is the likely group size?
A: We prefer trips with 10-12 riders as we believe the social interaction between riders is important. For standard trips, 6 is the minimum number of participants, 12 the maximum.

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