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Uri Shama – Chief horseman

Uri ShamaA respected horse trainer, a skilled rider and an experienced riding instructor, Uri is a horseman from birth. Born in 1969, he has lived his entire life on Kibbutz HaZorea. He divides his workday between two fulfilling careers: he is an experienced welder who works on large construction projects and he manages the Double Saddle Ranch in Kibbutz HaZorea.

Uri has managed Double Saddle since 1994. The ranch is home to more than 20 horses and teaches Western riding to about 100 students: children, teenagers and adults. Uri is married to Tirza and the father of four children.

The love of Uri’s life (outside of his family) is trail riding. There is no area of Israel that has not been explored by Uri on horseback, either as a trail guide or a participant in a horse tour.  In recent years, Uri has led tens of horseback riding tours for his friends and students. His trips usually traverse challenging terrain which demands great skill both from the riders and the horses. As a result, Uri is always strict about safety and exact in his navigation. He has a perfect safety record for his trips.

Uri has developed a tradition at Double Saddle of trail riding vacations. His trained staff is expert in the logistics of riding tours and knows how to provide a fun riding experience with an emphasis on gastronomic pleasure. Uri and Yair are old friends who often ride together. Uri has trained all of Sirin Arabians’ important horses. When Yair decided to establish Sirin Riders, Uri and the Double Saddle Ranch were a natural choice as a supplier of horses, equipment and logistics.

Our own staff

Members of our staff are experienced guides and horse handlers who have an extensive knowledge in the history, geography and archeology of Israel. They know the trails and have chosen them because they possess historical or archeological interest.

Horseback Riding Vacations – because horses are our passion!

Sirin Riders specializes in leading and organizing horseback riding vacations in Israel. We are not a travel agency or a reseller. All our riding holidays are designed and run exclusively by our own staff.

We believe horseback vacations are a fantastic way to learn about the fascinating history, cultures and peoples of Israel. Our horseback riding tours are conducted in small groups and allow us to visit places well off the beaten path.

Yair Sharet – Founder and owner

Yair has been around horses since the age of three – they are his way of achieving balance and fulfillment in his life. He is a breeder of purebred Arabian race horses; two of Yair’s mares have won the Israeli Breeder Cup Race (2003, 2007). In addition, he is a passionate endurance rider and loves competing in races. He participates in about five competitions annually.

Born in 1962, Yair grew up on Kibbutz Dagania Bet – a kilometer from the Jordan River. After army service in an elite Special Forces commando unit, he began raising cattle in the Galilee. At the age of 29, Yair decided to make a career change and began studying Business Management. He worked for many years for multinational conglomerates in high level management positions. He is married to Neta and a father of five children.

Yair decided to lead horseback riding tours as a way of combining two of his passions: horses and the land of Israel. Sirin Riders is based on Yair’s belief in the special relationship that develops between people from different continents and cultures when they share a love of riding and horses. Yair is confident in his staff’s ability to provide his customers with a unique equestrian vacation experience.

Yair named his company Sirin Riders after the Sirin Heights, a region located west of the Jordan Valley in Israel. He fell in love with the area’s beautiful scenery and, in his youth, spent his free time riding the land, getting to know every stone. He named his first purebred Arabian mare Noor Sirin which means “the light of Sirin.” In 2003, she won the Israeli Breeder Cup Race. After that, he named his breeding program Sirin Arabians.