Karin O from Finland

Karin & Sylvia in Dalia stream during privete day ride in the Carmel (October 2019).

Wonderful full day riding tour

We had a wonderful full day riding tour with Sirin Riders in the Mount Carmel Area. Our horseman guide Yair chose two beautiful horses for us that turned out to be just perfect matches for our respective ability as riders. We went walking, trotting, and cantering along small roads and over open fields before reaching the foothills. Yair told us many things about the forest, the birds, and especially about horses. The sun of the midday was still hot at the end of October but at the hillsides in the shadow of the old forest, the air was fresh. Tranquility reigned as we started our ride back to the stable. A perfect day. Karin and Sylvia.
Karin O from Finland

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