Accommodations vary on our horse riding holidays from enchanting, rustic wooden bungalows to authentic Bedouin tents.

We have carefully chosen our sleeping locations for cleanliness and comfort. Amenities always include hot showers and running toilets.

When camping, we often stay deep in the wilderness. Being this close to nature sometimes means cold showers and no toilet facilities. We will do our best to provide hot showers every other day.

Food & Beverage

Riding makes you hungry. Our staff prepares healthy, fresh, filling meals so no one ever rides on an empty stomach. Our tours are not kosher. However, no pork is served on any of our trips. We can accommodate vegetarians and other special dietary (including kosher) requests if given prior notice.

As for drinks, we know there is nothing more satisfying than a cold beer after a long ride. Some of our meals, usually dinner, include beer, wine or liquor. These drinks are free of charge. When dining in Arab restaurants, no alcoholic beverages are allowed.

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