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Horseback riding vacations in Israel – live the history!

A ride on horseback across Israel’s magnificent landscape is a journey through history. Strewn with testaments of the past, this magnificent land tells a story that will feel familiar yet foreign. Stand where David beat Goliath, ride through desert expanses on cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea, see the view from Mt. Tabor just like Barak and Devorah before the battle with Sisera and make a pilgrimage on horseback to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

No country has such an engaging past written in its terrain and there is no better way to get to know Israel than on a horseback riding vacation. On horseback, we uncover areas impossible to reach by bus and even by foot. We combine the adventure and challenge of trail riding with the intrigue of Israeli history and culture. Following ancient donkey and camel trails, you will experience this fascinating country in way impossible on a bused tour.

We aim to provide an in-depth understanding of Israel, past and present. There are important religious and historical sites, for example churches in Nazareth and the Old City of Jerusalem, where horses are not welcome. To visit these locations, we drive by car to the cities and then conduct walking tours. Our equestrian vacations are all inclusive and we make every effort to keep you safe, well fed and comfortable. On your part, it is crucial that you choose the itinerary that best fits your riding skills.

In this table you will find a list of our tours along with their seasonal availability.

the tour




The Land of the Galilee 7 days (6 nights) $2300 $270
The Israeli Advanture 7 days (6 nights) $2300 $250
The Galilee Adventure 5 days (4 nights) $1950 $220
The Carmel Seaside and Caesarea 4 days (3 nights) $1800 $200
The Kingdom of Judah 8 days (7 nights) $2900 $260
Into the Heart of the Judean Desert 7 days (6 nights) $2500 $220
The Negev Desert Tour 8 days (7 nights) $2900 $260
Tour Israel 9 days (8 nights) $3250 $365

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