Catarina on Devash at Sirin Heights during Israeli adventure March 2020

Unforgeable wonderful week

“We were riding a week in the north and south of a very beautiful Israel. My horses were well taking cared of and well trained as we were riding in the most various landscape.
The host Yair is very ”

Catarina V from Sweden   read more


Christine cantering on Nesher during Tour Israel February 2020.

“The week with Sirin Riders in Israel was wonderful. Yair showed us so many places and had the history to go with them. The horseback riding brought back lots of memories growing up as well as making many new ones. ”

Christine D from Colorado USA   read more


Marion riding Elvis in Judea desert during Tour Israel December 2019.

Israel special riding tour

“The riding tour in different parts of Israel was really great. Yair is a great guide and a very good horseman and even with a big group (15 people of different nations) ”

Marion L from Germany   read more


Benoit near the Western wall in Jerusalem During Tour Israel December 2019.

“Wonderful experience, with a top guide having a perfect knowledge of all geopolitical, geographical, historical topics ! On top of that, excellent and dynamic (mainly) Arabian horses.”

Benoît M from Belgium   read more


Elinor riding Bint Marwa (Purebred Arabian) in Judea desert during Tour Israel Dec 2019.

Fabulous riding holiday
“I joined Sirin Riders Tour Israel ride in December 2019. The ride was fantastic! Yair our guide is a natural born story teller, passionate about his country, it’s history and horses. The horses were forward going, responsive…”

Elinor W from South Africa   read more


Sylvie and Tasha on the top of Sirin heights during Tour Israel November 2019.

Very interesting immersion in Israel: a country that remains unknown if we just listen to the news on TV.
“A week on horseback rich in discoveries and meetings. The variety of the lands from Galilee to the Judean Desert is impressive. Yair answers all our questions and talks to us with details about his country and its history.”

Sylvie G from Canada   read more


Karin & Sylvia in Dalia stream during privete day ride in the Carmel (October 2019).

Wonderful full day riding tour
“We had a wonderful full day riding tour with Sirin Riders in the Mount Carmel Area. Our horseman guide Yair chose two beautiful horses for us that turned out to be just perfect matches for our respective ability as riders. ”

Karin O from Finland   read more


Vera and her husband cantering on the beach during Land of Galilee September 2019.

Amazing and personalized ride that shows the best of Israel
“The week we spend with Yair and the horses, was by far the best week of our holiday in Israel. The trip we did was the “Land of Galilee” tour.
Yair is a wonderful guide and person. ”

Vera from Holland   read more


Yael (1st from right) riding Wesley During Half day Jesus trail September 2019.

Outstanding Experience
“I joined Sirin Riders for the half day Jesus Trail ride which takes you through the foothills of the Hittin Horns in the lower Galilee and on part of the Jesus Trail.
The whole experience was outstanding…”

Yael from UK   read more


Alisha & Sushi on top of Hitin horns during half day ride on the Jesus trail July 2019.

An Incredible Day on the Jesus Trail!
“I was the only one on the tour this day, which made for an incredibly personalized and enjoyable experience. Yair has such a calming demeanor and is very patient; the perfect guide for those with little to no riding experience. ”

Alisha from the US   read more


Anne-Lane on Poka in Judea Desert during Tour Israel May 2019

It was worth the money
“I signed up for this trip a year ago, after knowing about it for a while. I had been thinking it was too expensive for me to go as I wanted the “Tour Israel”-ride, but then I decided: Big adventures do not come cheap! ”

Anne-Lene from Norway from Norway   read more


Felix & Anna in Judea Desert during Tour Israel May 2019

Tour Israel 9 days
“We had a fantastic tour through Galilee and the Judean Desert with Yair Sharet. Yair is the perfect guide: his inexhaustible knowledge about the history of Israel and the wonderful country and his commitment to the guests are great.”

Felix & Anna from Switzerland   read more


Robert& Judith in Sirin Heights During 4 days private ride March 2019

Horse adventure
“We have ridden all over the world. These are the best horses we have ridden anywhere. Our host was the grand nephew of a former prime minister and we learned more original history than we could have imagined. ”

Robert & Judith from USA   read more

Javier near Hitin horn (in the middle with the white eating horse) JT ride March 2019

Horseback riding the Jesus Trail
“We can only recommend the tour, which quickly became the highlight of our Israel trip. My girlfriend and I joined the one-day horseback tour arranged by Abraham Hostels and totally enjoyed it.”

Javier from Spain   read more


Emily in Sirin heights during the Israeli adventure of March 2019

Incredible trip to Israel, highly recommended!
“Fantastic trip that I would recommend to other riders. Yahir the host and guide was brilliant, he is very knowledgeable and a true horseman. He really does go the extra mile. ”

Emily R from UK   read more


Ann-Belinda riding Venus in Judea desert during the Israeli Adventure ride of October 2018

A unique combination of horses, nature and culture in Israel
“The trips on horseback offered by Sirin Riders are well prepared, rich and adventurous. A mix of horse riding through the beautiful landscapes of Israel – a variety you would not have dreamt of – and visits to the most significant historical sites of this country’s unique history. ”

Ann-Belinda from Denmark   read more


Sara (in the right) from Belgium in Sirin heights -Israeli adventure 2018

Highly recommended – An unique way to discover the country, history and culture of Israel
“Sirin Riders and owner Yair provide a professional and truly passionate experience. You are paired with horses that suit your riding ability and if you like, they can offer you a challenge”

Sara VD from Belgium   read more


Caroline ( at the front) riding Chilan at Judea Desert during Tour Israel April 2018.

“You will never forget this Tour Israel Ride. From lush lower Galilee to beautiful and stark desert. (it is pretty hot in the desert by April). The riding is hard and at times technical but a dream for advanced riders.”

Caroline Wohlgemuth, Washington DC USA   read more

Amanda riding Devash At Arbel stream during Jesus trail ride August 2018.

“I had a throughly enjoyable day doing the Jesus trail and the Sea of Galilee. I won’t ever forget it. Me and my friend were welcomed with fantastic warmth and enthusiasm. “

Amanda Row, United Kingdom    read more

Lisa riding Kiara at Sirin Heights during the Israeli Adventure ride October 2018.

“And again, I want to say a very big thank you!
You really had a big part in making my and my Mom’s trip to Israel more than I’ve had imagined…”

Lisa Reisch, Germany    read more

Illka Altmeyer from Switzerland With Chilan at the Jordan river, Land of Galilee May 2018.

“I am still full of impressions from this wonderful trail and all the things we did and saw and heard. It was really fantastic and you are an absolutely perfect guide and host…”

Illka Altmeyer, Switzerland    read more

Terry riding Georgette the mule  at Tour Israel April 2018

“Yair has the metabolism of an 18 year old, the stamina of a 25 year old and the knowledge and wisdom of an 80 year old. He leaves nothing to chance with every last detail planned out…”

Terry Gibbons, Michigan USA,     read more


Juanita Jordan from NZ Israeli Adventure October 2017

“Now that I’m back in NZ, I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the wonderful time that we all had on our ride with you.  The ride was amazing…” 

Juanita Jordan, NZ     read more

Bettina riding Aysha MA at Tour Israel November 2016

“Dear Yair and the November Team of Sirin Riders
I want to thank all of you for a lovely time with you…”

Bettina G Tuxen, Denmark     read more



riding in Judea desert

Eva & Leo in Judea Desert, Tour Israel, February 2015

Thank you so much for the most wonderful tour. As I told you, we found it a lot better than ever expected…”

Eva Rauramaa, Finland    read more

Holiday in Israel

Leena Toppinen (right) at Sirin Heights, Tour Israel, February 2015

“Thank you so much for all the great time we spend in Israel. We really enjoy the tour. The horses were trustworthy…”

Leena Toppinen, Finland   read more

horse riding holiday

The Warn Family, Land of Galilee, October 2014

“We arrived home safely. Perci and I want to thank you, your father and all your friends for making this trip the best we have ever taken. We have traveled worldwide on many trekking trips but none comes close to what you provided…”

Perci and Don Warren, USA  read more

Sirin Riders in The Wall Street Journal of October 2013

“Sirin Riders’ Tour Israel trek is an opportunity to experience, both on and off horseback, an ancient and fascinating landscape…”

Read More

Trail riding vacation

Anne (third from right) in the Judean Desert

“Well. Germans are no Americans with big words but for that we really mean what we say. It was an awesome experience and I evaluate your share of it pretty high.

Anne Unger, Germany   read more…


Diana & her Daughter Leah at Sirin Highest

“We have ridden in many places around the world and agree that this was the nicest ride”

Diana Leafer, USA   Read more….


Trail riding vacation

Liz in the Judean Desert

A big thank you to You and your team for a fantastic week touring Israel, Yair. It was a trip of a lifetime & I will recommend it to everybody I know. Yair, our host was attentive, informative and excellent company. A great horseman, a proud Israeli and fantastic host.” Liz Saunders, UK


Gary & Niles above the Sea of Galilee

“You may have noticed how much I have enjoyed the tour. Everything, I mean everything, was close to perfect. The horses, the scenery, the group, the food, dinners at your friends houses and most importantly you and your crew, Your personal touch is what made this trip so special. I feel I made a friend and if you ever decide to visit Canada you are more than welcome to stay in my house.”

Gary Poplyansky, Canada  read more…


Catti crossing the Kishon stream


“i was very impressed by the organization, the horses and the way you run it
-in fact i enjoyed it so much that should you ever think of trying out a new
race trek, please let me know i would love to be a guinea pig !!!

Catti Stadman, UK    Read More…


Horseback riding in Israel

John on the Carmel

“..We have been telling our friends and colleagues what a wonderful time we had, how good the horses were, how interesting and beautiful (and safe) Israel is, and so forth.  True to form, I gained about four pounds from all the good food we had!  

Brenda & John, Hong Kong   Read more….


Trail riding vacation

Shari and Nils near the Jordan River

“I am driving through the American  Midwestern countryside looking out over the fields and horses and can’t stop thinking about my trip with you.  For me, it was truly the trip of a lifetime!”

Dr Shari Snow, USA    Read more…


Trail riding vacation

Marie at the Ulem Spring in the Sirin Heights

“I really enjoyed my stay in Galilee too and I was deeply touched by the numerous and kind attentions you had for Barbara and me.  My sister and I had a wonderful time in the dead sea. My best wishes to Uri and Tony.”

Marie de Hemricourt, Belgium  Nov 2011

Seeing Israel on an American Quarter Horse

Read the full article


“Everything was just perfectly organized…” — Konstanze Backs, Germany, February 2013. Read Testimonial…

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