Alisha from the US

Alisha & Sushi on top of Hitin horns during half day ride on the Jesus trail July 2019.

An Incredible Day on the Jesus Trail!

I was the only one on the tour this day, which made for an incredibly personalized and enjoyable experience. Yair has such a calming demeanor and is very patient; the perfect guide for those with little to no riding experience. He’s also a wealth of knowledge on the history of the region, and between our conversation and the beauty of the countryside, the hours just flew by. We stopped for coffee and a snack at the ruins of an old mosque and then rode up to a gorgeous viewpoint overlooking the Sea of Galilee. If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the Jesus Trail away from the crowds- a unique experience in Israel, period- look no further. Thank you, Yair! And Sushi, too, for being such a good boy!

Alisha from the US

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