Anne-Lene from Norway

Anne-Lane on Poka in Judea Desert during Tour Israel May 2019

It was worth the money

I signed up for this trip a year ago, after knowing about it for a while. I had been thinking it was too expensive for me to go as I wanted the “Tour Israel”-ride, but then I decided: Big adventures do not come cheap! I am glad I decided to go: I got to see new parts of Israel, received first-hand knowledge of everyday life in the country, became a better and more confident rider outdoors (I usually do dressage inside a hall) – and was generally impressed by Yair Sharet’s knowledge of his country. We were four participants on this late spring tour, and the weather was very hot, but our spirit was 100 percent good! Now I am thinking of how to make my daughter (29) do the same trip.
Anne-Lene from Norway from Norway

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