Anne Unger Germany

Trail riding vacation

Anne (third from right) in the Judean Desert

“Thanks for the pictures. They are real nice ones. We returned well to Germany (almost missed the plane) and we had some other great days in Israel.

Anyhow, I hope you are recovered from our trail till now, since to me you seemed to be pretty exhausted at the last day. Leaving in Be´er sheva so suddenly it was like a short cut end  when we left and you kind of looked like you did´t really believe it when I told you that we really thought it was a great trail and that you did a real good job in organizing.

Well. Germans are no Americans with big words but for that we really mean what we say. It was an awesome experience and I evaluate your share of it pretty high. You know Beate and I were analyzing and comparing  and evaluating a lot and we compared you of course to our last trail we did in Spain, which was a very good one too. I think this involving your friends like Abu Saddam, Sefy makes quite a bit a difference, somehow makes it more real. I don´t know if you know what I mean. And additionally you have quite a nice staff with you. Tommy and Tamara and the others are or seem  to be so open friendly. Well, I had a great time and I took a very important thought back home.”  Anne Unger, Germany (June 2011)

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