Illka Altmeyer

Illka Altmeyer from Switzerland With Chilan at the Jordan river, Land of Galilee May 2018.

“Dear Yair

 Thank you for the fotos and your mail. I did not have a look at the picotures yet . We arrived at home (after two great days in Tel Aviv – I « forced » the girls to visit the house of Ben Gurion and it was really impressive) yesterday evening and today I am back to work. So I did not have a minute for anything…

But I am still full of impressions from this wonderful trail and all the things we did and saw and heard. It was really fantastic and you are an absolutely perfect guide and host. I will recommend you everywhere. And all your friends, Gabi, Uri, Moussa, Nir…. it was so nice to meet them all and everybody was so friendly. Please say thank you again to all of them, also of course to Noam. They all made this trip to Israel unforgettable for us. And I am still dreaming of Chellan cantering at the beach…

We will stay in touch, I will send you my fotos as soon as I have a moment of time, all the best,


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