John at Mount Carmel

Horseback riding in Israel

John on the Carmel

Dear Yair,
John and I want to thank you and your team for a fantastic riding holiday! John and I are very appreciative of your warm hospitality, which made the ride that much better. We are also grateful for all you did to ensure that we had a great experience. We have been telling our friends and colleagues what a wonderful time we had, how good the horses were, how interesting and beautiful (and safe) Israel is, and so forth. True to form, I gained about four pounds from all the good food we had!
John and I agree that the unique feature of this ride is the amazing cultural aspect of it. As I mentioned, the minute we saw it in the In The Saddle website, we knew we had to do it. No other ride we’ve been on has been such a perfect balance of riding and culture.
Please give our fondest regards and sincere thanks to your Father, Tommy, Uhrey, Rachel, Tamal and the others who made the trip such a brilliant experience. You deserve an enormous amount of credit for putting together such a great, great ride. We wish you every success and hope we will see you again some time!”
John & Brenda Green, Hong Kong (February 2012)

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