Juanita Jordan

Juanita Jordan from NZ Israeli Adventure October 2017

“Shalom Yair

Now that I’m back in NZ, I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the wonderful time that we all had on our ride with you.  The ride was amazing – everything that I had hoped for plus so much more.  For me, certainly a dream come true.  Truly, a precious time – one that I will never forget!  (Oh dear, now I’m even starting to find myself feeling a bit teary as I remember it all over again . . .) 

Getting off the usual beaten track has certainly given me a much deeper appreciation of your beautiful land, and its wildlife, as well as the people!  Every day for me was a real treat!  I so enjoyed the rides out in the Judean desert – and especially our last day’s ride, but the Galilee with the amazing views, and seeing the gazelle and rock hyrax etc was incredible too!  Plus our swim in the river after that first day’s ride was sooo refreshing!  

I must say that I really appreciated the knowledge that you so freely shared with us all.  You did a very refreshing commentary on all of the sites and places (and especially at Masada!).   

We were so well looked after!  And I loved the food – such a treat (and especially to have those two amazing but very different dinners with both Yochi and Mousa – wow, they were a real highlight!).  

I wasn’t sure what to expect, when I came, but I was really impressed with the standard of your horses, and your care of them.  Each one of us were so delightfully well matched with our horses!     

You did an amazing job with it all, putting up with us all so patiently – diverse bunch with plenty of ailments that we were!   (And I know that you had heaps to do behind the scenes as well, not to mention always having to help me up and down from my horse – this knee has been so frustratingly slow in healing.)

I will definitely be back, hopefully one day soon, God willing, for more please!  (And I would love to see your Arabians too!)

With warmest regards


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