Lisa Reisch


Lisa riding Kiara at Sirin Heights during the Israeli Adventure ride October 2018

And again, I want to say a very big thank you!
You really had a big part in making my and my Mom’s trip to Israel more than I’ve had imagined.
I know that I tend to have a lot of questions and am a very sceptical person but I felt like all the reactions and also the overall energy that I got from you was so encouraging. On top of that, I did have a lot of my questions answered. I am very fascinated by your somewhat “empirical” idea of sharing your story, as in the sense that you are not forcing anything on anyone and you allow people to understand that everyone has their own opinion. And that, in fact, includes not just the political side of it all but the love for the nature and the biosphere and the environment in which we humans are just a part of the puzzle. As much as the archeological input and the way you respect the animals. I really enjoyed everything and I am more than happy that I was able to have this whole experience under your lead.
You’re great at what you’re doing, Yair! And above it all, you’re a great person, as far as I could tell from my sadly limited time with you and how other people have held you warm in their memories. I’ll do my best to spread the passion you have (and I have had for this trip) to people around me…
Lisa Reisch from Germany

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