Vera from Holland

Vera and her husband cantering on the beach during Land of Galilee September 2019.

Amazing and personalized ride that shows the best of Israel

The week we spend with Yair and the horses, was by far the best week of our holiday in Israel. The trip we did was the “Land of Galilee” tour.
Yair is a wonderful guide and person. He knows horses, people and most of all, Israel. The rides Yair offers really showcase Israel; it’s diverse landscape, people, religious sites and food. He is very good at matching the right horse with the right rider and he will absolutely do his best to provide you with an amazing experience. Depending on the group size, Yair is very good at being creative and tailor the ride to the wishes of his clients.

In our ride, we rode different horses: from amazing Arabs with which we did long (endurance style) canters on the beach to sure-footed and brave Quarter horses to tackle the steep mountain paths. All horses were well-taken care off, strong and easy to ride. The tack was Western or Endurance, and our whishes in this were taken into account.

On food: Yair knows the best places to go to and we had the pleasure to taste a range of the dishes Isreal has to offer. Hummous and falafel were well represented off course and we had Druze, Jeminite and a real Bedouin food-experience. During the rides, we usually had a light lunch from the saddlebags and a warm cup of tea or coffee and Yair made sure that we carried more than enough water in the saddlebags. Yair quickly realized what we liked and did not, so he made sure to get us the kind of lunch we would appreciate (in my case, my favorite was a kind of cheesy pancake-like thing).

In our tour, we slept in two places and they were both clean, comfortable and had good breakfasts.

We traveled in September, the first ride of the season, which was quite hot, but very doable and no trouble for the horses.
Vera from Holland

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