Special Bar Mitzvah in Israel You Should Try

Bar Mitzvah is one of the most memorable celebrations in Jewish culture. It’s the turning point in a boy’s life. Becoming a Bar Miztvah occurs automatically when a boy reaches 13 years of age. Becoming a Bar Mitzva means that the boy has the same rights as a fully grown man, and is now considered to be morally and ethically responsible for all of his actions and decisions. In Jewish culture, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony holds a very special place in the hearts of family members, and families, whether religion or secular, celebrate their Bar Mitzva event with lots of gusto.

Can you imagine how much fun it can be having a Bar Mitzvah celebration in Israel with Sirin Riders?

Rather than throw a common party, why not take the family out for a special Bar Mitzvah trail riding holiday tour in one of the gorgeous landscapes that Israel is blessed with: The Carmel Seaside, the Galilee region, Sirin Heights and of course the exceptional Judean Desert…
Bar Mitzvah trail riding holiday tour is designed as a personalized, comfort ride for all family members: riders and non riders. It is much more than a riding tour. Each ride combines a story which is related to the history, the archaeology and wildlife of the region. We visit interesting places that are off the beaten trail, and hey…no prior riding experience is required!

Going on a Bar Mitzva trail-riding adventure for 2-3 days is a great way for the family to bond and come together

We love families! Whether you prefer camping, standard country lodge or Luxury country lodge, we will prepare a detailed itinerary and pricing in accordance with your preferences and interests. We serve 2 to 15 members but prefer a group of 3-7 participants to maintain the personal atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about anything when you are out in the countryside we offer full board service; we always surprise our clients in term of quality, quantity, timing, and location of our meals and breaks.

Read what our customers say about our Bar Mitzva adventure

“Yair, let me say that our trip with you is one of the most memorable and wonderful things we did together as a family! It was absolutely AMAZING!! “
Iris Bunim, New Jersey August 2015

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